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This project seeks to develop a “Master Plan” for the South San Jose Park. Completing the park master plan involves designing excellent park amenities based on community priorities, considering engineering and technical site conditions, and ensuring that ideas and concepts are feasible and practical.



Posted August 18th 2021
to Community Charrette

Community Charrette

In 2019, the City of Albuquerque’s Parks and Recreation Division held a community design charrette to gain input into the types of improvements that could be made at the South San Jose Park.  Attendees were separated into three groups to create a plan for the park utilizing templates of potential amenities as well as freehand drawing.

Meeting Results

Table 1

  • Add pedestrian path, exercise equipment cluster

  • New play equipment

  • Change tennis courts to handball & multi-use

  •  Add soccer field

  • Replace swings & shade shelter

  • New parking lot

  • More lighting

  • New swings & 4-square

  • Open space with picnic space and shade

  • Large gazebo for community parties

  • Remove bad shrubs, add trees & grass

Table 2

  • Exercise equipment cluster

  • Soft-surface perimeter path along edge of entire park

  • Benches along perimeter path

  • Keep parking location, reduce spaces for perimeter path

  • No additional parking

  • Update two play areas, add a third

  • Add lighting

  • Add volleyball court

  • Trim trees & minimize or remove shrubs for visibility

  • Add more trees but no clusters for visibility

Table 3

  • Install basketball courts

  • Add Perimeter path

  • Add exercise equipment around perimeter path (spread out)

  • Add soccer field

  • Variety of play equipment for different ages and types of play

  • Provide small skate park with controlled access

  • More lighting

  • Remove “Trouble” tree

charrette designs_11-14-2019.png
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